A Hawai‘i resident with dual Canadian–Italian citizenship, and fluent in four languages, Maria embodies Hawai’s melting pot. She is truly able to think globally and act locally.  International clients seeking a home or investment property in the islands will be especially comfortable with Maria, knowing she has the first-hand knowledge and experience to expertly guide them through the entire real estate transaction process.

In addition, Maria’s education in the arts and many years in Public Relations give sellers a real advantage in the staging and marketing of their property. From identifying the right buyers to correctly positioning the property and ultimately closing the sale, her unique combination of skills can dramatically accelerates sales.

My Philosophy: 

“I have had a lifelong interest in helping people achieve their wellness goals. This has taken me around the world and given me exposure to many different cultures and people, expanding my definition of what wellness means. Whether it is spiritual, emotional, physical, or financial, wellness is all about healthy outcomes. That is the life lesson, goal, and commitment I bring to each of my clients and to every real estate transaction.”


"I have had a lifelong interest in helping people achieve their wellness goals."

-Maria Kawananakoa 

As the wife of Prince David Kawananakoa, a descendant of the Hawaiian Monarchy, Maria's connection to the islands carries a deep rooted history. The Kawananakoa Family has been a patron to the Hawaiian people, culture and arts for several generations. This family legacy is important to Maria, who strives to provide clients with excellency. 


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